Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Making love...

I'm mad with love! It's one of those days I'm so in love with life that I just want to make love with everyone. The springtime Shakti is rising, and I feel myself whirling in the realm of passion. Every beautiful eyelash, texture of skin, coil or knot of hair... Every breath of wind caresses my skin, the sweet fragrant springtime air... I want to touch the textures of green, kneel on the damp, sweet earth and smell her, throw flower petals on every beautiful soul I pass by... Man, woman, curve of stone - I want to touch you!

Perhaps this is the tantric way, dedicating my every passionate breath to love of All, and especially to the creative-bliss-current flowing through all life. Jai Shakti! Jai Sarasvati!

Earth mother, YOU are my lover.

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