Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To India!!!

Aloha peeps! Indeed, I'm heading off across the great sea...

It’s been a whirlwind month, since the universe said “go!” Believe me, it was quite a surprise to me, even though only this summer I was joyfully laughing with my dear friend Shiner about the possibility...

The “plan,” as it has evolved, is to fly into Delhi (at 1am!) and find my way to the train station to take the 7am train to Haridwar and onto Rishikesh, the self-proclaimed “yoga capitol of the world.” After working more immensely hard than ever this last month, I realized that I need a vacation! So I’ll take some time there to get used to being in a new culture in the most gentle way that India can offer. Spending my days (hopefully!) walking by the clean and beautiful Ganges river, breathing, being still, practicing yoga, going to satsang... And to make my landing even more graceful, I even have a friend in Rishikesh already!

I told a friend I was going to stay in Rishikesh “as long as I feel like it,” and his response was: “if I did that, I’d never leave.” So we’ll see... Already, my friend who’s already there extended his stay by two months! But my intention is to make my way downriver after a week or 2 to the mad and crazy Kumbh Mela ( www.divinerevelation.org/KumbhMela.html ). In case you haven’t heard, it’s the biggest religious festival on the planet. I’ve heard amazing things, and also have been cautioned greatly about it. But I’ve been invited to stay with some friends in Sai Maa’s ashram enclave ( www.humanityinunity.org ), so I’m thinking I’ll risk it ;-)

I could be there anywhere from a day to a week or who knows... And then the plan is to continue downriver to Varanasi to spend the remainder of my trip. I know so little about Varanasi except: it looks beautiful, it’s an epicenter for studying and hearing incredible music, I have another friend (Indriaaaahhhh Maa!) who I will likely be sharing an apartment with there, it’s the city of Shiva (Kashi!), and it’s supposedly the best place on the planet to celebrate Shivaratri (Feb 16th - don’t miss it!). Om Namah Shivaya!

So that’s the flow of it. Following the Ganges the whole way – Ganga Ma! Blessed river. And each stop on my journey offers me friends to meet up with... ...and new friends sure to meet! I feel so blessed, going on this journey. What’s more funny is that I never even wanted to go till now. So it must be time.

I’m loving you all dearly, and am so thankful to fill my heart with this gratitude and love for you as I leap off across the vast ocean. I am certain to bring you with me, and rest assured I will bring a piece of India back to you...

My hugest love, and infinite blessings...

Om Shanti ~ A

I seem to have a tradition of completing musical projects just before leaving town. Well, this one’s not complete, but my part is: Tribal Electra is in the final mixing phases of our first EP, due out by spring. In lieu of any new recordings to leave you with, I’ve posted an old piece from the vaults on my website. Affectionately dubbed “Playtime,” it’s an invocation to Sarasvati... www.arianasaraha.com/music.html

You may have received an invitation to join my google list. This is the only way I’ll be able to keep you updated on my travels (if I can find time to write!). Otherwise, your address is locked up on my home computer. If you didn’t get the email, or forgot to respond, welcome to go to groups.google.com/group/arianas-list and sign up. (The group is configured for maximum privacy, and you will only receive letters from me, not responses from the group) ...I once dreamt that the home I felt most comfortable in had wide open windows to the world. In this way, I invite you to read my stories...

You might enjoy checking out my current design portfolio - www.arianasaraha.com/citmatrix/web.html I’ve been a busy-bee these last few months, and have designed at least 8 new websites in this time, as well as completing several others! In addition, I greatly appreciate and believe in each person I’ve designed for – it’s been an amazing honor! - so please patronize as many of these businesses and artists as possible!

Sooo.... It appears I’ve got quite a few gigs lined up when I get back, so ignore all rumours that I’ll be gone to the Motherland forever :-) Please, come chant kirtan with us Feb 23rd, and then come see Tribal Electra in Ft Collins Feb 24th. And lots more events planned for the spring! Please see my website for details...


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Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -


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