Friday, February 23, 2007


Meditating this morning, watching my mind go off on its many trails - thinking about this, about that, about this... So much that I became a little overwhelmed - "so much life here for me to live, so many people for me to love!" Feeling tired, unsure how I would have the strength...

Then it occured to me: it's not my personality that can Love, but "God Alone*." So I turn to God - "only You can Love as the world truly needs Love." I relinquish trying...

In that instant, my mind turned inward, retracting all its trails of thought from their external wanderings. All focus suddenly turned to the stillness, the Peace inside. Nothing but this stillness. The mind is relieved to rest, to have nothing to do but rest in this Peace.

And then it seems easy! From this stillness, this inner fulfillment of the Peace of God, Loving is easy. Love comes as a natural extension, or better yet, a natural state-of-being from this contentment and Peace.

(*insert Swami Muktananda's blissful voice here)

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