Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Clean Slate

One simple thing that has felt helpful in embracing a Gentler Pace...

To take time for the in-betweens. When I pause in the morning to meditate and focus on my breath, or do asana practice, my workday is more effective. When I properly nourish myself with a good dinner, and perhaps even take time to read or write (or simply rest!) afterwards, then my evening music practice becomes more full. If I don't pause in between, I'm running on auto-pilot, not even realizing what I'm carrying (energetically) from where I've just been. My 'next-thing' becomes colored, even unconsciously, and eventually fatigue sets in... We often have no idea the depth of our experience – and the preciousness of it! – until we stop and digest. These pauses can be, and often are, very small moments – but the benefit I gain in allowing myself 5 minutes (or an hour) to stop, breathe, and integrate is Rich. From this richness I move on to each new moment with fullness of presence, integrity, and a clean slate.

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