Saturday, February 16, 2008


In pranayama practice today, I had this moment where the prana froze me - so that I had no choice but to sit in a particular position (nothing fancy, just sitting - as if in meditation - but with a certain sense of balance...). It occurred to me then how often I'd wished "God" would just tell me in no uncertain terms what to do. Yet in this now-moment as it was happening, I realized the preciousness of our human capacity for choice.

Then the sensation subsided, and as if by a gentle grace, I also felt myself drawn to sit a certain way (again, just a particular sense of balance in the way I was already sitting). Then I thought of how that sense of choice can be a discernment - or perhaps conscious and mindful awareness of the Tao...

So now, I no longer ask "God, hit me over the head with the truth," but rather, "may I be ever more aware, that I may wisely choose (or perhaps more aptly, discern) the way of least resistance, to walk in divine Grace..."

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