Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Life is like falling off a cliff.

The moment we're born, we tip off. Oblivious, for the first many years, google-gaggling and bopping joyfully around...

Then at some point we wake up to the fact that someday we'll go "Splat!" Existential fear grabs us, and we begin flailing about recklessly - trying to grab onto anything, learn to fly, hold on to each other for dear life.

Perhaps we surround ourselves with enough distractions that we feel safe and cozy for awhile. But something in our hearts knows... But when we don't admit it, we start fearing the things in our lives - trying to grasp harder, or pushing away stronger (skt: raga, dvesha). Essentially, creating a lot of suffering.

But if we admit this existential fear, there's a precious opportunity to embrace it - to embrace the tender uncertainty that lies behind it, relaxing into the falling, flying... Sure someday this falling and flailing will end, and all the fleeting things we cherish also... But there is this precious moment.

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