Monday, January 05, 2009

Going to Print...

Ever since I was a small child, and I had my first journal (with a little lock, and the word "Diary" embossed on the front), I've written with an awareness that someday my words would be read. Perhaps like Anne Frank (only without as much suffering) or Anais Nin (only without so much sex!)... All the while this created an interesting paradox in my mind - a diary is a place to fully disclose our innermost workings, a place usually reserved for oneself alone. Yet here I was, writing in my little teenage journal about my first sex experiences, wondering how to write truthfully without coming across as gruesome or banal(?)! My first lesson in shameless, yet tasteful, honesty?... Paradox indeed!!

So here I am, many years later... I didn't know why I began this blog at first. A friend had one, and I thought it was pretty, and cool. So I made one, just for fun. With that clean slate to begin, I wrote my first "real" post only two days after setting it up! What I began to notice, as over and over again I became inspired to write - was that I wrote when I felt I had something to share. I still keep a longhand journal for when I need to write solely for myself, but to post all that here would feel like blabbering - and my words to you, instead, I hope will be of service.

So sorry to say, you won't get to read about my every sexual experience, or my every petty annoyance I download to my journal - but hopefully this diary serves another purpose - perhaps to understand me a little better, but more importantly, to understand the human condition all the more.

And yes, this is the official announcement that the "Diaries of a Bliss Princess" are going to print - as a glossy, decorated, coffee-table book for your everyday enjoyment. Look for it over the next couple years...

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Blogger Elana said...

I look forward to the print version.
Complete with pretty pictures and inspirational sayings?

And, I think your writings provide an immense offering. I have a feeling that even the "banal blabberings" of your personal journal would also offer insight into what it means to be human in this time, and provide inspiration to those who read it.

Blessings on the journey of taking this to print!


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