Thursday, July 09, 2009

Birthday Resolutions...

I wrote this list of resolutions in the midst of a meditation on my birthday...

  • Purify the ego, releasing attachment and aversion - leaving more room for receiving, and for selfless giving ~ a softening of the heart...
  • Practice ardently, letting go, surrendering to Dharma (rightness, goodness...)
  • Remember "first things first" - what's really important?! - and weed out the distractions...
  • Give more, Fearlessly!!
  • Experience Abundance within, remembering how blessed I am - with humility and gratitude for all those who have given to this abundance ~ my friends and family, clients, this sweet earth...
  • Honor and tend to my inner innocence when I have trouble believing in all these good things, with trusting. May I treat myself with tenderness, allowing a gentle humbleness to be alright.
  • Practice opening the shy parts of myself to others!!
  • May my ego trust in the joy, connection (to others, to Source), inherent goodness, fullness and peace that is the essence of life.
  • May I live in Love - and when I forget, may that forgetful part of me be flooded with Love!
  • May my life be a blessing ~ for the Earth, for all beings.

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