Friday, August 08, 2008

Born Lucky...

"Born Lucky," supposedly is the meaning of my dad's name. Even a few years ago, I may not have believed he'd passed that trait onto me, but lately I've been feeling so blessed. Luck, perhaps, would not describe it, but it does seem the floodgates of Grace have opened and continue to pour... especially when I remember to acknowledge so, in Gratitude!

I did set my sights on this opening consciously, and have for many years. I was blessed with the predisposition to inquire deeply, perhaps painstakingly, into my true mission in life and the ways of the universe. On this path, I've had to learn the balance between discipline and gentleness in order to tend the garden of my soul diligently, yet patiently.

It is dark, this road, full of heavy loads which we must bear - if only to discover how strong we've become when we finally put them down. It takes the courage of a King, a Queen, to bear the suffering of one's own heart. But it is the only path which unlocks true Joy, and Peace.

I know not what any of ours' future holds, individually or as a planet. I've made peace with uncertainty. But I do know the immense internal freedom that comes with dedicating oneself to the path of Truth, Wisdom, and Healing. May we all find the courage to seek and find our true selves - unbound, full of Bliss, and joyfully at peace...

Sat Chit Ananda...

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