Monday, March 24, 2008

Mad Kingdom!

...the animal kingdom, that is...

Some years ago, I had a funny experience where one of those ubiquitous and adorable little boxelder bugs poked its proboscis into my skin ("ouch!").

Since then, however, I've made my peace with them - they zip around my little cottage all winter long... I let them out the windows on sunny days... I often think of how Richard Freeman refers to "bugs" as an everyday opportunity for communion (mystical union?)...

But alas, the cuteness illusion was shattered yet again today. I sat down to meditate and noticed two of 'em next to me on a log. One looked dead, or nearly so. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that one had its proboscis speared into the others' head! What?!! Go figure, I had to poke it to see what was happening - both were alive, but one barely...

After awhile the destroyer scurried off and left an empty shell of his brother... what?!!

The animal kingdom is mad I tell ya!!!

Is it any wonder that we humans have a hard time at it? Yet look at the blessing of reflection and compassion that we also have - that we need not be entirely determined by the body/fear sheath. Intrigued to see how we continue to evolve...

Hahaha - Happy Springtime!

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