Monday, March 24, 2008

Risking it All!...

I'm ready. I've decided it is time to put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak - to make music [finally!] my full time profession. As a preliminary step, I will be taking the summer off from all other engagements in order to study, perform, and record an album (the first of many...). In my deep, intuitive heart, I know I am finally ready, and so I am taking a leap...

As my father's daughter, of course I consult the I Ching. It replies with the third line of 17, "Following," which reads as such...

"If one clings to the strong man,
One loses the little boy.
Through following one finds what one seeks.
It furthers one to remain persevering."

"When the right connection with distinguished people has been found, a certain loss naturally ensues. A man must part company with the inferior and superficial. But in his heart he will feel satisfied, because he seeks and needs for the development of his personality. The important thing is to remain firm. He must know what he wants and not be led astray by momentary inclinations."

My experience with the I Ching is that it is relentlessly honest. Many times I have had wild and inspired schemes, but it has always shown when my ego is deluded. Here and now, however, I see there is no delusion. It's a wild and inspired scheme, to be sure, but one in line with my dharma - my righteous path on Earth.

The first CD (after the 'vocal warmups' one, of course!) will be called "Musings," and is an assortment of mostly Sanskrit prayers set to a trance tanpura landscape. It will be lush and intricate at the same time as being spacious and even a bit sparse - honoring the crystalline purity of these ancient prayers. It will be perfect for yoga and massage.

The CD after that will feature my full band and danceable rhythms... More on that soon! In the meantime, catch me "musing" at the Kirtan Summit, and "grooving" on April 18th at the Laughing Goat.

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Blogger SW said...

Take heart. The path will open up before you. Something is accomplished tonight.

Blogger Eliana Gilad said...

Go for it Ariana. Kudos for trusting your heart!!!!
Eliana Gilad

Blogger Ariana Saraha said...

Thank you beautiful sister - your work is inspiring!

Shal-Om Shanti ~ A


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