Friday, August 08, 2008

Moths and Owls...

The other night, on the phone with a sisterfriend (visit her site if you like), I took off my fedora with the big owl feather and saw a glorious moth was resting on it. I remarked upon this, and she responded, "my new painting has moths and owls in it too."

The next day, in a rainstorm I wore my fedora again, as it's a little waterproof. In the car after the farmer's market, suddenly a large moth flew around my head and up to the windshield... Here I am again with my owl-feather fedora and a moth again!

It occurs to me, of course, that beyond the obvious mystical meanings behind those two animals (check ur medicine cards if you need :-) that they are both simply nocturnal!

Um, it's true that I've been staying up past 2am every night...

Ahh, summer!

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