Saturday, October 11, 2008

...Closer to GOD

Oh how I love using that wicked 3-letter word – G-O-D!!! Of course, I wasn't raised with any Judao-Christian mythology… …er, at least not firsthand. Both my parents took the "high" road of the 60s and 70s, and in their own ways, each of them became mystics – finding more truth in direct contact with the divine than by any strategized religion…

But this post isn't about my past, my parents, or the lack of organized religion in my childhood – it's about how interesting I find it that being sick can bring us closer to God. Oh yeah, I forgot – what is that elusive "God" I was brought up with, if not the one dictated by some book? It goes about like this: "God is everything." Yup, that's it, not much to it. Um, everything? Even bugs? Even really nasty shit? Yup, everything.

Okay, I digress again… But really, I do find it quite amazing to witness that the simple act of getting our ass kicked (in the case in point, by a gnarsty throat-bug and achey flu!) – how that simple, humbling act tends to bring me right back to God. In this instance, I'll elaborate on my definition: God as that grace, intelligence, consciousness in everything. (That doesn't mean God's not also that murkiness, ickiness, heaviness… in everything also! Mind you…)

Okay, wow, lot's of 'splainin' to do when I use that little 3-letter-word! Well, I'm not intending this blog to be a discourse on what-god-is – I suggest we can each discover that for ourselves, and likely it's not something we can put into words…

Guess I could sum up this post by saying that the act of slowing down, listening within, and awakening to the intelligent grace of healing brings me into a place that feels mighty divine indeed.

I read a little passage in "Beauty Power and Grace: the many faces of the Goddess" yesterday that made my heart smile. As I was laid low with sickness, humbled in my humanness, and asked to slow down and nurture myself, I was reminded that it is these very yielding and feminine qualities that draw us closer to God: "the qualities generally associated with the feminine, such as love, compassion and humility are considered the most essential. In the balance of the inner and outer worlds, it is ultimately in the inner world that the individual finds fulfillment."

So I am enjoying this little respite from the social and go-go-go in the world activities – time to regenerate a sense of stillness, centeredness, and God-focus in my life....

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