Monday, July 27, 2009

The Gift of Freedom…

You may have experienced, as I have, that sometimes we scare away the very thing we seek – simply by the desperation or clinging in our longing, or perhaps because it's obvious we're only giving in order to receive.

But the greatest gift we can give one another is Freedom. The practice of Anapanasati (mindfulness with breathing, as taught by the Buddha), leads us here, as it culminates in "letting go." As we arrive, finally, in surrender, there arises great joy.

It is immediately apparent how much joy this letting go gives others. When we release our clinging, allowing others and life to be simply as it is, they unfold like a flower blossom – breathing freely in the space we have given them, and joy awakens in them also.

Awakening joy in others through letting them go – what could bring me greater joy?! Once we see the true nature of clinging and release, letting go becomes easy, natural, and liberating to all.

This is where Love lives.

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Blogger John Gilson said...

An informing post that is also beautifully written. You should write more :)


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